New Economy Articles
Economics of Networks, by Nicholas Economides, 1996.

Speculative Microeconomics for Tomorrow's Economy, by J. Bradford DeLong and A. Michael Froomkin, First Monday 5(2), February 7, 2000.

Old Economy, New Rules, by J. Bradford DeLong, WorldLink Nov/Dec 1998.

Does the "New Economy" Measure up to the Great Inventions of the Past?, Robert Gordon, 2000.

Living on the Fault Line, by Geoffrey A. Moore, 2000.

New Rules for the New Economy, 10 Radical Strategies for a Connected World, by Kevin Kelley, 1998. See also a related article.

The 'Free' Market: Meet The 'New' Economy, Same as the 'Old' Economy

Policy Debate: Is There a New Economy?